Rental Facilities

Please note, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are not accepting rentals for the Dungannon Rec. Centre, or Millennium Park/Bandshell. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The Town has several rental facilities for you to host a variety of events! Facilities and pricing  are as follows:

Dungannon Recreation Centre- Located at 26596 Highway 62, L'Amable
Required Deposit: $100.00
Full Day Rental with Kitchen: $195.00 +tax
Full Day Rental without the Kitchen: $100.00 +tax
Bar Rental: $195.00 +tax (SOCAN Licence is Required, as well as PAL Insurance)
Dungannon Recreation Centre Rental Agreement

Millennium Park
- Located at 166 Hastings Street North
Required Deposit: $50.00
Park Fee $25.00 + tax
Permit for use of the Bandshell and Millennium Park

Millennium Park Bandshell-Located in Millennium Park, at 166 Hastings Street North
Required Deposit: $50.00
Bandshell Fee: $50.00 + tax
Permit for use of the Bandshell and Millennium Park

Ball Diamonds and Soccer Field-Diamonds Located in Bancroft and L'Amable, Soccer Field Located in Bancroft
Required Deposit: $50.00
Ball Diamond Fee/Season/Night: $450.00
Ball Diamond Fee for Weekend Tournaments: $150.00
Soccer Field Fee/Season/Night: $100.00
Permit for Use of Soccer Fields and Ball Diamonds

Please note that all rentals require a copy of proof of liability insurance. If required, liability insurance can be rented through the Town for a fee of $75.00 (when no alcohol being served), or $100.00 (when alcohol is being served). 
For further inquires, please contact the Town at (613) 332-3331 ext. 211, or via email at

To request a lesser charge for a rental, please fill out the following form along with your rental application;
Request for No Charge on Rental