By-Law Enforcement

The Town of Bancroft is committed to fostering a safe, welcoming and pleasant community for residents and visitors.

Through By-Law Enforcement, the Town is committed to the maintenance of community standards that contribute to improving the quality of life. The Mandate of By-Law Enforcement is to achieve compliance with municipal By-Laws through education, mediation, and, as necessary, enforcement and prosecution.

The Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer will investigate after receiving a written complaint. The By-Law Officer is usually successful in obtaining voluntary compliance with Municipal By-Laws. There are always instances that require additional enforcement and when an individual does not voluntarily comply, there are formal legal requirements that must be followed and these can take time.

By-Law Services investigates and enforces regulatory municipal By-Laws such as property standards, clean yards, noise control, and sign control. The By-Law Officer is also responsible for issuing licenses, such as mobile food vendors, taxis, hawkers and pedlars, and sign permits.

Contact the By-Law Department at 613 332 3331 ext. 217, or via email at [email protected]  for more information.

Visit Town of Bancroft By-Laws to review the By-Laws mentioned above as well as others passed by Council.