Hastings Heritage Trail

The Hastings Heritage Trail is the remains of the old Central Ontario Lineway, and is now a multi-use recreational trail for all to enjoy! The trail is open all year, and welcomes hikers, cyclists, horseback riders, and recreational vehicle operators. For maps and trail information, please click here.
*Please note that road vehicles, such as your personal car, truck, or SUV are not permitted on the trail.*

An Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance trail pass is required when utilizing this trail. Permits can be purchased online www.thetrail.ca

All Terrain Vehicle: Annual Fee $150.00 - Weekly Fee $75.00 - Daily Fee $20.00
Dirt Bike : Annual Fee $150.00 - Weekly Fee $75.00 - Daily Fee $20.00
Horseback Riding:  Annual $75.00 - Weekly Fee $25.00 - Daily $7.50
Dog Sledding: Annual $75.00 - Weekly Fee $25.00 - Daily $7.50
Bicycle: Annual $50.00 - Weekly $20.00 - Daily $5.00
Nordic Skiing: Annual $35.00 - Weekly $15.00 - Daily $3.50
Hiking/Jogging/Walking: Free
Snowmobiling: OFSC/MTO Permit Required-Not for purchase at the Town office