Economic Development

With support from Ontario's Rural Economic Development Program, the Town of Bancroft
is currently developing an Economic Development Strategic Plan providing direction, goals, and
priorities for economic development in Bancroft over the next five to ten years.

Updates will be made available here.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

The Earth Sciences Centre

Bancroft is nationally and internationally known for mineral exploration and geological discovery and has a unique geological story to tell, one that involves violent upheavals, collisions driven by incalculable natural forces, and spectacular continental crashes! Over a billion years ago, land masses collided to become the continent of Laurentia, North America's primordial continent. Hundreds of millions of years later, Earth's continents collided again to form the single super continent Rodinia with a central mountain range to rival the Himalayas, the Grenville Mountains. These ancient continents and their descendants form the very ground upon which Bancroft stands today; and deep beneath the Town lie the rocks that document this fascinating story. There are many stories to be told rooted in the very beginnings of the formation of North America as we know it today; and these stories all have incredible potential to engage the hearts, minds, and wonder of all.

The landscape of the Town of Bancroft and its surrounding areas tells the fascinating story of planetary
plate tectonics, of intense volcanic activity, and natural forces capable of raising mountains and then
eroding them to sand. The landscape shows how frequent periods of glaciation have scoured the land,
seen most dramatically in the shapes of the lakes and valleys around Bancroft which are the physical
remnants of the last continental glaciers in the Bancroft area over 10,000 years ago. The above is all part
of our Canadian geo-heritage.

In 2016, Museum Planning Partners completed an Earth Sciences Centre Master Plan. At present, stakeholders are meeting to discuss Challenges and Opportunities facing the Earth Sciences Centre project; Relevant Best Practices from Around the World; Prioritizing the Role and Functions of an Earth Sciences Centre; and Possible Organizational Models and Status for a Board that would provide oversight to the establishment of an Earth Sciences Centre.

You can view the final report here: Hall/Departments/Economic Development/The Earth Sciences Centre/ESCBancroftFinalReport.pdf