Landfill, Garbage, Recycling

Notice of Changes Poster

See the letter to residents and more information on how to recycle here.

Hours of operation: 

Monday - 7am-12pm
Thursday - 7am-12pm
Friday - 7am-12pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 9am-4pm

Curbside Pickup Services and Town of Bancroft Landfill - Schedule and Hours of Operation

*please note, the Town of Bancroft has a Clear Bag Policy in effect. All garbage must be placed in clear bags. Please ensure you are following this policy as we will be enforcing the Clear Bag Policy.

Household Hazardous Waste Days

Recycling ~Please place your recyclables loosely in their respective blue boxes. Blue boxes are available for purchase at the Municipal Office for $10.00. 

A Municipal Waste Disposal Site Card is MANDATORY to enter the site. Please ensure that you have it with you in order to enter. Please also note that new Waste Disposal Site Cards have been issued, and will take effect as of March 2022. These cards are BLUE, and the previously issued cards will no longer be accepted. 


The Town is now selling at cost composters ($68.50 + tax!) to residents to encourage composting. This both provides the landowner with soil for their garden and keeps organic matter out of landfills. To order, please call (613) 332- 2322.