North Hastings Community Centre

North Hastings Community Centre is owned and operated by the Town of Bancroft. 

For more information on the facility and rentals please contact them directly. 

103 Newkirk Blvd
Bancroft, ON 
K0L 1C0
t: 613-332-2062
[email protected]

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A non-resident user fee applies to all persons, who are not stakeholders in the Town of Bancroft or Carlow/Mayo Township. A $100.00 fee shall be paid by all persons upfront, and those who provide proof of tenancy or property ownership may apply for a refund. If outstanding fees, charges or taxes exist,  the refund shall be applied to that debt first. In the case of outstanding taxes, the monies shall not be applied to the debt, unless the debt is from a prior calendar year. Fees shall be returned via cheque. 

Please click one the form below or fill out the electronic one below:

Non-Resident User Fee Refund Form (Printable)

Please return to the Town of Bancroft with:

-Copy of Property tax or Lease Agreement
-Proof of Registration
-Proof of Payment

What is the purpose of the Resident User Fee?
Funds received from the Resident User Fee are used to support the operations of the North Hastings Community Centre (NHCC). The NHCC serves residents in surrounding municipalities, as well as residents of Bancroft. The Resident User Fee is intended to distribute fee responsibilities to all who use the facility.

How do I know if I am eligible to receive a rebate?
Individuals residing in municipalities that have chosen to financially contribute to the Town of Bancroft for the NHCC in the 2023 calendar year are eligible to receive a rebate of the Resident User Fee. Currently, this only included those in the Town of Bancroft and the Township of Carlow/Mayo.

Non-Resident User Fee Electronic Refund Form

Section A - Person's Requesting Refund and Individuals name Eligible for rebate for 2023-2024 Season:

Your Legal Name:  

User 1 Full Legal  Name: 

User 2 Full Legal Name: 

User 3 Full Legal Name: 

User 4 Full Legal Name: 

Please fill out another form if more then 4 user's per house hold.

Section B - Eligible Address  - Please select one below

 I certify that I am a Property Owner in The Town of Bancroft

 I certify that I am a Property Owner in Carlow Mayo Township

 I certify that I am a Tenant or Boarder in the Town of Bancroft/Carlow Mayo Township, living at:

Roll Number:     

Property Address

Legal Description (optional): 


Mailing Address for Refund:

Street Name & Number:  


Postal Code:

Please submit supporting documents to [email protected]

      Proof of Ownership or Lease 

      Proof of Registration 

      Proof of Payment

Once we receive all supporting documents your request will be sent for approval and processing. All Documents must be in by the end of the 2023-2024 ice season. 


I certify that all the persons listed in Section A live at the property described in Section B, for >6 weeks per year I Agree


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