Finance/Property Taxes

Administrative and Financial Services

The finance department provides a wide variety of administrative and financial services to all departments of the Town and to the public.  The department is responsible for coordination of the annual operating and capital budgets, accounting payroll, water and sewer billing, asset management planning, job costing, mandated financial reporting and the issuance of Residential and Non-Residential tax bills. 

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Payment Options

By Mail - Cheques, Certified Cheques or Money Orders can be made payable to:

The Town of Bancroft
8 Hastings Heritage Way 
P.O. Box 790
Bancroft, Ontario
K0L 1C0

Secure Drop Box on front of building

Additionally, we are pleased to offer the following payment alternatives: 

  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plans
  • Visa, MasterCard on our website  -1.75% Credit Card Convenience Fee Charged
  • Online Payments Through your Banking Institution

For your protection, please record your roll number on your payment**

Property Taxes

Once the annual budgets (Town of Bancroft, Hastings County and School Boards) are completed, the annual tax rates are then compiled and applied to the property assessments, as set out in the Provincial Regulations which require the County (Upper Tier) to establish any required tax policies; and which determines the property owner's taxes for the current year.

Please click on the links below for more detailed information on the Town of Bancroft's tax information.

2014 Tax Rate for General Levy
2014 Tax Rate for Bancroft BIA
2015 Tax Rate for General Levy & Bancroft BIA
2016 Tax Rate for General Levy & Bancroft BIA
2017 Tax Rate for General Levy & Bancroft BIA
2018 Tax Rate for General Levy & Bancroft BIA
2019 Tax Rate for General Levy & Bancroft BIA
2020 Tax Rate for General Levy & Bancroft BIA
2021 Tax Rate for General Levy & Bancroft BIA
2022 Tax Rate for General Levy & Bancroft BIA

2022 Tax Notices

Interim Taxes are based on 50% of 2021 taxation.  Interim Due Dates for 2022:

 Installment 1: March 16, 2022
 Installment 2: May 18, 2022

Final Taxes due dates for 2022:

Installment 3: Aug. 17, 2022
Installment 4: Oct. 19, 2022

It is the responsibility of the rate payer to ensure the Municipal Office has your current mailing address.

Credit Card Payment Form

To authorize a credit card payment, kindly fill out the pre-fillable form here. 

1.75% Credit Card Convenience Fee added on to transactions.  By-Law No. 64-2022

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (Property Taxes)

You can set up a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan for both your property tax and utility accounts.

For Tax: You can select either the 13th or the 25th of the month for the payment to be processed.

For Utility: The bill amount will be debited on each due date.

To sign up, kindly fill out the form below and return it to the Town of Bancroft Municipal office or via email at [email protected].

 Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Sign-Up

Tax Certificate Request Form

A tax certificate is a statement of outstanding property taxes, which is usually requested by lawyers at the closing of a real estate transaction. The vendors' or purchasers' lawyer can apply for a Tax Certificate from Taxation Services. The tax certificate fee is $85.00.

Tax certificate requests

  • By mail: Letters requesting a tax certificate must include the fee. Mail to Town of Bancroft, 8 Hastings Heritage Way, P.O. Box 790, Bancroft, ON, K0L 1C0.
  • By fax or email: To submit a request via fax, fax the Town of Bancroft at (613) 332 - 0384. To submit a request via email, kindly email [email protected]. We will strive to complete your request within your required timeline. 

If you require a tax certificate, you can fill in a tax certificate request form 
here. Tax certificates are $85.00 per roll. If you have any questions regarding tax certificates, please email Meghan McKinley at [email protected], or call via (613) 332-3331 extension 205. 

E-Billing Sign up

Sign yourself up for receiving your Property Taxes via email

Sign-up for e-Billing

Electronic billing is a fast and convenient way to receive your Property Tax, Utility, Landfill Bills and other invoices. You will be able to easily file your bills electronically for future reference, and have access to these bills wherever you have email access. In addition, you will be able to avoid any delays incurred by regular postage. Ebilling is also secure, as your bills will be stored behind password protected accounts, and unable to be lost in the mail. If you are interested in signing up for e-billing, please click here.

Financial Information Return (FIR)

To access the Financial Information Return, please click here.


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For more information, please visit MPAC'S Website

To learn how your property taxes are calculated, click here.

To learn more about your property, click here.

How do I redirect my taxes to the Catholic School Board?
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Consolidated Financial Statements and Audit

For consolidated financial statements and past audits, please click here.

Asset Management Plans

Town of Bancroft's 2022 Asset Management Plan

A new 2022 Asset Management Plan was adopted by Town Council on June 7th, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. at a meeting of Regular Council.

7 June 2022 - Town of Bancroft Council Meeting Agenda
Watch a recording of the Regular Council meeting on June 7th
View a copy of the asset management plan shared during the Council meeting on June 7th

The Town of Bancroft's approximately $84.4M in infrastructure assets support our community's economic, social and environmental growth and well-being.

The Town's infrastructure assets include:
• Roads, sidewalks, streetlights, parking
• Bridges
• Water and wastewater
• Recreational facilities and buildings
• Stormwater infrastructure such as pipes, culverts and stormwater management ponds
• Parks and living assets (urban forestry)
• Fleet vehicles (i.e., fire trucks, snow plows)
• Equipment such as playgrounds, lawn mowers, electric vehicle charging stations, and firefighting equipment

Asset management plan (AMPs) inform and support evidence-based decision making and development of strategies to extend the service life of assets while managing risk and meeting regulatory and service expectations. These AMPs benefit the Town by forecasting the investment needs of the roads and storm, bridges, water, and wastewater assets and identifying how to prioritize allotment of the Town's budget.

The financial forecasts developed in the AMPs suggest a total reserve of approximately $1.24M for the next five years. For the long-term financial sustainability of these core services, there is an anticipated renewal demand averaging $2M per year over the next 25 years for the existing asset portfolio.

For the Municipal Asset Management Plan click here  and capital planning, please click here

Fees and Charges

Approved Fees & Charges Schedule- By-Law No. 59-2021  Schedule "A"

Please click here for Schedule "A"

Tax Billing and Collections Policy - By-Law #64-2022

To view a copy of the Town of Bancroft's Tax Billing and Collections Policy, as outlined by By-Law #64-2022, click here.

Sale of Land by Public Tender

We currently don't have any properties registered for tax sale.  All Tax Sales will be advertised in our local papers, on our website and listed on Ontario Tax Sale website listed below. 

Tender packages are available for purchase at our Municipal Office for a small fee of $10.00.  The tender package comes with the documents required for fully completing a submission.

For further information regarding Tax Sales or copy of the prescribed form of tender, contact our office or visit:

Accounts Receivable Invoicing & Collection Policy - By-Law # 65-2022

To view a copy of the Town of Bancroft's Accounts Receivable Invoicing & Collection Policy as outlined by By-Law # 65-2022, click here.

Budget Information

To access budget information, please click here.