Municipal Government

Every day your municipality is making decisions that affect its community members.  As a resident, the expectation is that your municipality is making decisions that are in the best interest of your community. 

Your Municipality Makes Decisions On:

  • Property taxation
  • Municipal services
  • Land development/zoning
  • Infrastructure (roads, streets, bridges, etc.) 

Citizens have an important role in the municipal decision-making process and can participate in different ways. Please click here to learn more on how you can participate in the municipal decision making process. 

Make a Delegation to Council

Local Boards

There are several local boards to get involved with in the Bancroft community.  Please see the list of boards below, and click on each for further information.

Bancroft Business Improvement Area
Bancroft Public Library Board operating as North Hastings Public Library
Faraday/Bancroft Waste Management Board 
Municipal Dog Pound Board

Participating in Municipal Decision Making

Attend Council Meetings:

Municipal Council meetings are open to the public. This provides an opportunity for you to hear the debate on municipal issues and know the Council’s decisions. Formal agendas are prepared for each Council meeting; agendas include opportunity for citizens to present their views directly to Council as Delegations. 

Speak as a Delegation: 

Delegations to Council meetings are required to register with the Clerk by 12:00 p.m. noon on Wednesday before the meeting so that adequate time is scheduled to hear the delegations and the meeting proceeds smoothly. 

Attend Public Meetings: 

Municipal Councils are required to hold public meetings to obtain public input for matters that have a significant impact on citizens and property owners in the municipality (eg. annual municipal budget, planning issues).

At a public meeting, Council will typically present the proposal that is being considered. Citizens can then share their views about the proposal and ask questions of Council.

Know when to Participate 

The Town of Bancroft's Procedural By-law establishes rules for how meetings will take place. This ensures that municipal business is undertaken in a transparent manner and citizens know how they can participate.  The Procedural By-law also establishes rules of conduct for the meeting.  Rules of conduct apply to Council members and citizens.

Rules Outlined in the Procedural By-Law: 

  • When citizens may register as a delegation
  • Time limits for speaking by Council members and Citizens
  • Citizen conduct at the meeting
  • Consequences for improper conduct by Council members and Citizens

Participating Effectively: 

  • Learn the issues that are important in your community and understand the particular decision being made by Council
  • Know the date and time of the meeting
  • Register in advance if you intend to speak as a delegation
  • Bring copies of written materials
  • Keep your presentation within the time allowed
  • Remain polite and civil. Members of the public can be asked to leave meetings if their conduct is not respectful
  • Respect the views of others. There are often several perspectives on an issue. Council must make decisions that are in the best interest of the whole community.