The Municipal Clerk's Department is an essential link between Bancroft, the General Public and Municipal Council.

    The primary role of the Municipal Clerk's Department is driven and dictated by Provincial Legislation:

    The Municipal Act, 2001;

    Municipal Elections Act;

    Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act;

    Marriage Act;

    Vital Statistics Act;

The Clerk's Department is also responsible for maintaining and providing access to all By-laws enacted, amended and repealed by Municipal Council. A by-law is a law passed under the authority of a Provincial Act and is created as a way to address issues and concerns of the local community.

Other Services provided by the Clerk's Department include:

    Coordination of Council Meetings, Committee Meetings, Agendas and Minutes;

    Delegation Requests;

    Lottery Licensing;

    Commissioner of Oaths;

    Corporate Records Management;

    Freedom of Information;

    Accessibility and legislative requirements;

    Division Registrar for issuing Marriage Licenses and issuing Burial Permits through the Vital Statistics program;

    Overseeing and administering Municipal Elections every four (4) years; and

    Policy and Procedures.