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Electronic billing is a fast and convenient way to receive your Property Tax, Utility, Landfill Bills and other invoices. You will be able to easily file your bills electronically for future reference, and have access to these bills wherever you have email access. In addition, you will be able to avoid any delays incurred by regular postage. Ebilling is also secure, as your bills will be stored behind password protected accounts, and unable to be lost in the mail. We understand that some residents may be uninterested or unable to utilize this service, and would like to clarify that there is no requirement to sign-up for this service.

Please note that overdue statements for both Property Tax and Utility accounts will continue to be delivered by Canada Post. Only original Property Tax and Utility Bills will be sent by e-mail. Residents who utilize the e-billing service are subject to standard late fees if applicable. If you have not received your bill, please ensure that you contact our office at (613) 332-3331. The bill is considered delivered as long as the eBill is not returned as an undeliverable e-mail. Once you sign up for our e-billing service, all future bills will be delivered to the e-mail address you provided. It is your responsibility to inform the Town of a change in e-mail address. Should you choose to withdraw from e-billing, kindly e-mail your request to [email protected].

If you are interested in proactively signing up for this service, please fill out our the form found below. Please note that upon signing up for eBilling, you may not begin receiving your bills electronically right away. We are working diligently to ensure this service be implemented quickly and seamlessly.

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I/We, and  (name(s) must match registered owners/registered tenant of the property) authorize the Town of Bancroft to transmit all future Property Tax Bills and/or Utility Bills to the email addresses provided above. I/We have permission from all other property owners (if any) to enable delivery to the email(s) provided above. I/We understand that I/We will not automatically receive Property Tax Bills and/or Utility Bills by regular mail, and that failure to receive a Property Tax Bill and/or Utility Bill via e-mail does not excuse me from the responsibility of payment of taxes and/or utilities (water/sewer), nor relieve me from the liability of penalty for late payments. I accept responsibility for contacting the Town of Bancroft with any future change in my e-mail address.

If you agree with the above terms and conditions, and agree to sign up for eBilling, please select 'Agree' below:


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